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Travel Planning Service

You need assistance in planning your trip to Colombia?

In case you prefer to organize your trip on your own, we can assist you by providing helpful advice on destinations, things to do, transport and accommodation.

According to your planned itinerary, we provide you detailed information for the locations you plan to visit:

  • Recommendations on Hotels/ Food/ Activities
  • Contact and Address Information for Hotels/ Restaurants/ Activities
  • Transport Information (how to get from A to B)


Using our expertise in Colombia Travels you ensure that you get to see the right spots, stay in pleasant accommodation, find your favorite food and finally get the correct transport to your next location.

So you save plenty of time organizing your trip, avoid searching hotels and restaurants – finally you have more time left to enjoy your vacation, without the risk of being disappointed.

To get your customized info, please contact us via  and let us know your preliminary itinerary along with all important data.