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About Us

We are TRAVELOMBIA, a tourism company located in Bogotá/ Colombia, custom travel specialists for tours throughout Colombia. This is a wonderful country, one of the most bio diverse on the planet. It offers destinations with an incomparable nature, places of cultural interest and it’s renowned for its warm and friendly people. One advantage is that this country remains somewhat of a hidden gem in international tourism, so there are still largely unspoilt sites ready to be discovered. It’s the perfect spot for adventurers and people who like to learn about other cultures, without being labelled as another tourist. We offer the full portfolio of tourism services in Colombia. Our strengths are ecotourism, trekking, ethnic tourism and adventure travels. In line with your interest, time available and budget, we tailor-make unforgettable holiday packages. We combine your favorite destinations to an impeccable travel package. This allows you to explore as much of Colombia as possible, even on a limited timetable, without stressing about the itinerary. We take care of everything in order to ensure that you can enjoy a truly relaxing holiday. We invite you to discover our different holiday packages, although it’s just a selection of the countless tour possibilities throughout Colombia. We offer all destinations, all experiences, for any taste! Our team is comprised of administrative staff and multilingual guides with a unique experience and in depth knowledge of Colombia. This team is complemented by guides and partners in the different regions of Colombia. Thus we ensure the maximum competence in regional knowledge, safety, quality and flexibility. We look forward in welcoming you soon to our beautiful Colombia and that you, just as we did, fall in love with this country, spreading to the world the message that in Colombia THE ONLY RISK IS WANTING TO STAY (Colombian Tourism slogan)

Our Philosophy

Our encouragement is to show Colombia to the world. Show all the beauty of this country. We ourselves felt in love with this place when we first arrived a few years ago. Colombia is a country where, if you want to or not, the spirit of adventure awakens in people. Travelers find almost unspoiled spots and landscapes, still not influenced by tourism, more than authentic places. As well as its people, with incomparable human warmth, which in many other more developed parts of the world got lost long time ago. It is still an exotic country on the world tourism map. We work and support initiatives to push forward tourism in Colombia. Improve infrastructure for tourism in Colombia and promote the country abroad. Training their people in the area of tourism. So we can make tourism in Colombia continue to grow the way it is doing now. With the increasing number of visitors prosperity comes also to remote places where today there are no jobs or other sources of income for its inhabitants. At the same time we make an effort to make this natural beauty and warmth of its people being preserved. That is why we support sustainable tourism without harming the nature and authenticity of the people. With part of our profit we support social projects, to thank the people in need the beautiful and special way as they receive their visitors. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. So we do everything possible to see our customers happy. Although Colombia's infrastructure in some regions is still underdeveloped, we make every effort to ensure smooth operation of the tours. As an agency under the direction of a German, we know what foreign tourists expect. Therefore we demand from ourselves one hundred percent fulfillment of what was promised, punctuality and quality of services. We are available for our clients 7 days / 24 hours. We distinguish ourselves from other agencies for our prompt attention, perfectionism and flexibility. The largest capital of our agency is your team and partners. So we treat all our staff with respect and handle an open policy in the agency. We care about having a team that is committed and happy with their work. Thus we ensure that our team always receives our customers with a smile, because they know that they love what they do.

Turismo Sostenible

Travelombia es consciente de los efectos negativos que puede traer el turismo, siendo Colombia un país emergente y con proyección a convertirse en un destino turístico de talla mundial. Lo vemos como nuestro deber y prioridad ofrecer un turismo responsable y sostenible con la sociedad colombiana y con el medio ambiente. Un turismo que cumpla con las exigencias de nuestros viajeros, sin perjudicar la cultura, la economía y la naturaleza de nuestro país. Conoce más sobre nuestro Compromiso de Sostenibilidad:

Turismo Sostenible

Social Responsibility

Part of the profits that we make go towards supporting local social projects. We think it is important to say thank you to the local people for the beautiful and special way that they receive our customers. If you are interested in seeing one of the projects we support, we will gladly coordinate a visit for you.

Our Team

Alex Roll 59
Alexander Roll
General Manager/ Travel Consultant

Alex arrived in Colombia for the first time in 2003 and from that moment he fell in love with the warmth of its people and he remains fascinated with its natural and cultural diversity.

Born in southern Germany (Stuttgart) he has been living permanently in Colombia since 2006. In that time he has gotten to know this captivating country extensively. He never gets tired exploring it as there are always new and amazing treasures to be discovered.

An economist with specialization in marketing by profession, he became a tourism guide out of passion, being a great lover of hiking, adventure and diving. He loves to show the world the beauty of this country and that many of the negative prejudices are false; that it is safe to travel throughout Colombia and that its diversity and human quality will never stop surprising you. Come and fall in love with the country as he did!

Juliana León

Juliana is a lover of nature, sea and the outdoors. She loves to discover new and small corners of her beautiful country, sharing with people and learning about their culture. She is of Colombian nationality, lives in Bogotá and is part of our great team, supporting the administrative area. She is in charge of organizing, according to the taste of our customers, the hotels, transportation and tours. Constantly she designs customized trips through her lovely country and occasionally accompanies the tours. In short, she is one of the people that will help fulfill your dream to experience the beauty of Colombia. Apart from traveling, she loves designing jewelry.

Lukas Hohl
Lukas Hohl
Travel Consultant/ Marketing

Lukas is half Colombian and half Swiss and knows the country and its people like the back of his hand. Numerous family members live all over the country.
In addition to organizing trips, Lukas, a passionate floorball player, is involved in the Colombian project of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA): the “Diplomacia Deportiva”. This project enables young people from conflict-affected regions of Colombia to stay in Switzerland. Here they are shown sporting perspectives away from violence and crime. Thanks to this commitment, Lukas maintains a good relationship with the Colombian embassy in Bern, the Swiss embassy in Bogotá and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.
“I would be extremely happy to bring you a little closer to the beautiful country of Colombia!”

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