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National Park Tayrona - Caribbean

2 cano cristales

Caño Cristales - National Park Serranía de la Macarena

3- La Guajira – Pilon de Azucar

Pilón de Azúcar - La Guajira

4- Laguna de la Plaza1

Laguna de la Plaza - Sierra Nevada del Cocuy


Capurganá - Caribbean

6- Tatacoa

Tatacoa Desert

7- PNN Tayrona22

National Park Tayrona - Caribbean

8- Cocora1

Valle de Cocora - Salento

9- Cerros de Mavicure main

Cerros de Mavicure - Guainía

10- Palomino5

Palomino - Caribbean

11- Sunset Amazon

Sunset Amazon

12- Playa Blanca2

Playa Blanca - Caribbean


Pico Aguja - Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

14- PNN Tuparro – Raudales Maipure

Raudales Maipure - National Park Tuparro

15- Puerto Lopez – Atardecer Llanero

Atardecer Llanero - Puerto López

16- PNN Chingaza3

National Park Chingaza

17 el penol

El Peñol - Guatapé

18- Isla Gorgona

Isla Gorgona - Pacific

19- Sierra Nevada del Cocuy2

Valle de los Cojines - Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

20- Tatacoa4

Tatacoa Desert

21- Ciudad Perdida main

Ciudad Perdida - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

22- PNN Tayrona16

National Park Tayrona - Caribbean

23- Providencia

Providencia Island - Caribbean

24 volcan purace

Volcano Puracé


National Park Tayrona - Caribbean

26- Ritacuba Blanco – Valle Cojines

Ritacuba Blanco - Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

27- Playa Blanca main

Playa Blanca - Caribbean

28- PNN Tayrona21

National Park Tayrona - Caribbean

29- Laguna Grande de los Verdes

Laguna Grande de los Verdes - Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

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We are TRAVELOMBIA, a tourism company located in Bogotá/ Colombia, custom travel specialists for tours throughout Colombia.

This is a wonderful country, one of the most bio diverse on the planet. It offers destinations with an incomparable nature, places of cultural interest and it’s renowned for its warm and friendly people.
One advantage is that this country remains somewhat of a hidden gem in international tourism, so there are still largely unspoilt sites ready to be discovered. It’s the perfect spot for adventurers and people who like to learn about other cultures, without being labelled as another tourist.

We offer the full portfolio of tourism services in Colombia. Our strengths are ecotourism, trekking, ethnic tourism and adventure travels.
In line with your interest, time available and budget, we tailor-make unforgettable holiday packages. We combine your favorite destinations to an impeccable travel package. This allows you to explore as much of Colombia as possible, even on a limited timetable, without stressing about the itinerary. We take care of everything in order to ensure that you can enjoy a truly relaxing holiday.

We invite you to discover our different holiday packages, although it’s just a selection of the countless tour possibilities throughout Colombia. We offer all destinations, all experiences, for any taste! We look forward in welcoming you soon to our beautiful Colombia.
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