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With the completion of the booking you accept the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Conclusion of the contract

  • With the exclusively electronic travel registration (by email), the customer offers to conclude a travel agreement with Travelombia Tours S.A.S. The offer is based on a travel itinerary proposed by Travelombia Tours S.A.S.
  • The travel contract is confirmed by email from Travelombia Tours S.A.S. to the customer.
  • In case of deviation of booking confirmation compared to content of travel registration, it constitutes a new offer by Travelombia Tours S.A.S. to conclude a travel contract with the customer.
  • Travelombia Tours S.A.S. is bound to this offer for 10 days. Within this period, the offer may be accepted by the customer by expressed declaration, down payment or final payment. This represents the only way to create a travel contract between the two parties.
  • The registrant of the booking shall be liable for all obligations (from the travel contract) of the co-applicants participating in the trip.

2. Obligation of Travelombia Tours S.A.S.

  • The obligation of Travelombia Tours S.A.S. results solely from the contents of the booking confirmation in connection with all provided tour information and explanations. Additional agreements, that expand the scope of contractual services, are only valid if they have been confirmed (by email) by Travelombia Tours S.A.S.. Services that are not claimed or used by the customer cannot be refunded if there is no previous individual contractual agreement with the tour operator.
  • Service providers (e.g. hotels, airlines, local tour guides) are not authorized by Travelombia Tours S.A.S. to make assurances or arrangements which go beyond the travel description or booking confirmation.

3. Payment

  • To close the contract a deposit of 50% of the tour price is payable.
  • Final payment must be made 30 days prior to trip departure, unless agreed an individual exception agreed within the booking confirmation.
  • For bookings made less than one month before departure, the full payment is due immediately.
  • The client receives the travel documents (vouchers) after final payment by email.
  • In case of an incomplete payment of the price by the customer, Travelombia Tours S.A.S. may cancel the travel service contract with the customer and require him to pay the corresponding cancellation fees (see 6.). In exceptional circumstances the customer may discuss their right to refuse payment.
  • The tour price can be transferred to our Colombian bank account. The resulting transfer fees have to be covered by the customer. We also receive credit card payments. The resulting extra cost of 7% of the price we need to charge the customer.

4. Changes in Service and Price

  • Changes or deviations of individual travel services from the agreed content of the travel contract, which become necessary after conclusion of the contract and were not caused by the tour operator, are permitted unless these changes or deviations are not substantial. The tour operator is obliged to inform the customer of any changes or deviations immediately. If necessary, he will offer the customer a free change of the booking or a free cancellation of the contract.
  • Changes of advertised and confirmed prices after the conclusion of the travel contract are permitted in accordance with the following conditions:
    • The Travelombia Tours S.A.S. may only require a price change after the conclusion of the travel contract in the event of increased transportation costs, costs for certain services such as port or airport fees, or a change in the currency exchange rates for the trip in question.
    • The change may be required only to the extent of impact of increase per person or per seat and only if the contract was concluded 4 months or more before agreed travel departure date.
    • Travelombia Tours S.A.S. has to inform the customer immediately after knowledge of the price change and its circumstances.
    • If the price increases more than 5%, the customer may cancel the contract free of charge or demand participation in an equivalent tour offered by the tour operator, insofar that he is actually able to offer so. The customer has to assert these rights immediately after the declaration of the price increase through Travelombia Tours S.A.S..
  • Upon a customer’s request for changes after booking the trip, Travelombia Tours S.A.S. has to check first whether the changes are feasible. For any changes of a booking, Travelombia Tours S.A.S. may request amendment fees.
  • In case of a change in the person of the participant, Travelombia Tours S.A.S. may refuse such a change, because the new tour participant does not meet the travel requirements or existing legal regulations or administrative orders do not allow his participation. Travelombia Tours S.A.S. is entitled to charge the customer the additional costs actually incurred by the change.

5. Cancellation of the contract by Travelombia Tours S.A.S.

  • The Travelombia Tours S.A.S. can cancel the contract, (1) in case of unexpected events occurring (2) if the terms of payment are not adhered to by the customer.

6. Cancellation of the contract by the customer

  • The customer can cancel the contract any time before the trip departure by notifying Travelombia Tours S.A.S..
  • In any case of cancellation by the customer, Travelombia Tours S.A.S. has the right to apply cancellation fees. For the calculation of the reimbursement to the customer, the receipt of the notification of cancellation is decisive.

The cancellation fees are as follows for days before departure:

up to 30 days before departure: loss of deposit

from 29 to 22 days before departure: 45% of travel costs

from 21 to 15 days before departure: 55% of travel costs

from 14 to 3 days before departure: 75% of travel costs

less than 3 days before departure: 95% of travel costs

  • Travelombia Tours S.A.S. reserves the right, in individual cases, to charge a higher compensation, according to actual and quantified costs calculated and proven to customer. This applies mainly to services from third parties like airlines, which often charge up to 100% cancellation fee.
  • In case Travelombia Tours S.A.S. arranges flights for the group or individual travel, the cancellation fee of the airline plus a handling fee must be applied, which will be made available to you on request. The expenses claim may be up to 100% after the ticket is issued, depending on the conditions of the airline in question.
  • Note that for customers, who fail to appear for a trip without notifying Travelombia Tours S.A.S., the contract will be still valid and in this case the customer is obligated to full payment of the tour price.

7. Customer’s obligations

  • The customer is obliged to immediately inform the tour guide or local agency commissioned by Travelombia Tours S.A.S. about any problems/ failures regarding the tour and to ask for redress.
  • If there is no tour guide in charge by Travelombia Tours S.A.S. and this is also in accordance with contractual agreements (see tour description), the customer is obliged to immediately notify Travelombia Tours S.A.S. directly about problems/ failures and ask for redress. The contact information of Travelombia Tours S.A.S. is included in the travel documents (vouchers).
  • Customer claims are only valid, if the customer fulfills the obligation of notification of problems/ failures.
  • In case of baggage loss or damage, the transport company has to be informed immediately. The transport company is obliged to issue a written confirmation. Without notifying to the transport company, the customer might lose his right for claim.
  • If the trip is affected significantly due to a problem/ failure and for the tour organizer apparent reason, the customer may cancel the contract. Cancellation is only permitted if Travelombia Tours S.A.S. or its representatives (tour guide, local agency) have received a reasonable deadline from the customer, which elapsed without providing a solution.
  • The obligation of the customer to make travel contractual warranty claims within one month after the contractual end of the trip against the tour operator, with respect to the travel contract concluded with Travelombia Tours S.A.S., is specified as follows:
  • Customer claims are limited to one year. The limitation period starts on the trip end date specified in the contract. After this period, claims can only be invoked if the missing of the deadline was not the customer’s fault.

8. Passport, visa, customs, flight, foreign currency and health regulations

  • The traveler is responsible for compliance with all necessary regulations for proceeding with the trip. Travelombia Tours S.A.S. serves him as a source of information about the above-mentioned regulations.
  • Travelombia Tours S.A.S. is not liable for the timely issuance and receipt of necessary visas from the respective diplomatic representation.
  • All costs and damages incurred by the tour participant from the non-compliance with these provisions go at their expense.

9. Insurances

  • Travelombia Tours S.A.S. recommends obtaining travel health insurance, travel accident insurance and baggage insurance. It may also make sense to include travel cancellation insurance and other travel based insurances. We are happy to inform you about the various options.

10. Liability

  • Travelombia Tours S.A.S. is liable for the proper execution of the advertised travel program up to the full amount of the tour price. In hotels, restaurants, transportation companies and other service providers, Travelombia Tours S.A.S. is only intermediary. For this purpose, we do not accept any liability for accidents, losses or damages of any kind. The liability of these companies is however not affected. For any interference caused by the lifestyle of the local population (dance music in the early morning hours, etc.) we are not liable. Disorders that occur due to “reckless” or negligent conduct of the traveler (e.g. drunkenness, assaults, etc.) are the responsibility of the traveler and Travelombia Tours S.A.S. is generally not liable. In the event of a kidnapping or criminal offense, Travelombia Tours S.A.S. assumes no liability. We have done our best to provide you for all trips a careful selection of transport, accommodation and offered additional services. However, if the services do not match the confirmed offer, we ask you to report this fact immediately to the tour guide, driver or our local representative, so that they can remedy the situation immediately. If the traveler culpably fails to report a defect/ problem, claims are not allowed anymore. Every traveler is obliged in case of problems with the trip to assist in avoiding or minimizing any damage. The customer has to confirm his claims against the tour operator Travelombia Tours S.A.S. by providing written confirmation of the local parties about the non-provision of a service. This has to be reported immediately and at the latest within two weeks after the end of the trip to Travelombia Tours S.A.S.. Claims must be submitted in writing and include documentary evidence. Tour guides etc. are not authorized to recognize any claims.

11. Special Features of Adventure Trips

  • Delays of transport to the corresponding destinations such as train, bus or plane may occur. Local events such as markets or festivals are canceled often at short notice and without giving reasons. It is explicitly requested that customers take into account that accommodations offered at our destinations cannot always be measured by European or US standards. Poor sanitation or hygiene deficiencies can occur.
  • Information on physical demands and climate: All information on physical requirements and climate has been compiled to the best of our knowledge. They serve as customer service. Since physical requirements include an extremely subjective component and climate variations are possible at any time, no responsibility is accepted for the information prepared in this regard.
  • Vaccinations: We strongly suggest obtaining vaccination recommendations from a medical specialist before departure.

12. Validity of the information

  • The information given on the website is for information only and is intended as travel proposals. Changes are therefore possible and remain reserved. Only the content of the booking confirmation is authoritative. Errors in the offer or services description are reserved.

13. Others

  • If one of the above mentioned regulations is or becomes invalid, the remaining regulations nevertheless remain valid and the effectiveness of the travel contract remains unaffected.

14. Choice of Law, Jurisdiction

  • Travelombia Tours S.A.S. is a Colombian company with headquarters in Envigado-Antioquia. For this reason, Colombian law and jurisdiction in Envigado-Antioquia are agreed for all claims.
  • Registration at the Chamber of Commerce in Envigado – Antioquia (Cámara de Comercio): NIT 900853415-8; National Tourism Register (RNT): 93117