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    The Colombian part of Amazonia is still very unspoilt, untouched and sparsely populated, with the exception of a number of indigenous peoples. Leticia, a small town in the triangle of Colombia, Brazil and Peru, is the gateway to this fascinating region. In the vicinity, Ticuna and Yagua Indians still live in traditional jungle settlements, which are embedded in a stunning natural scenery. On a visit to their villages, can be seen how these people live at one with nature. Particularly impressive is a boat ride at night, when you can record the sounds of the rain forest and see the shining eyes of caimans in the water. On hikes through the rain forest, you learn a lot about the plants growing here and their healing properties. Among other things, you can see and admire the largest water lily in the world, the Victoria Regia. In quiet side arms of the Amazon river, you can catch for the famous piranhas. You can meet pink river dolphins, anteaters, snakes and crocodiles, manatees or even tapirs. In the branched canopy of the forest trees, macaws, toucans and thousands of other bird species, iridescent insects, butterflies, sloths and monkeys find a home. In the rainforest there are some reserves that are funded in part by ecotourism. Here you can live in the middle of the rainforest and discover the nature. One option is a reserve, a good three and a half hours drive from Leticia, already located on the Brazilian side of the Amazon Triangle, which offers a unique biodiversity and where you can discover the nature in many ways. Among other things, it is possible to do jungle hikes, canoe trips on the Río Yavarí with observation of pink dolphins, catching Pirañas, nocturnal excursions to observe the caimans, bird watching, baths in a natural pool, canopying and for the brave, the great experience of a night in the jungle. The Natural Park Amacayacu near Leticia represents another opportunity to plunge into the rainforest. The nature reserve is home to many species of parrots and monkeys, caimans, boas, pink dolphins, the Chapara (largest freshwater turtle in the world) and the ‘Victoria Regia’, which is considered the largest lotus plant in the world.

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