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Colombia lies at the extreme north-western tip of the South American continent. The openness and zest for life that characterizes its inhabitants, the six totally different regions that the country unites in itself and the diverse flora and fauna make it a truly unique and very rewarding destination. Here, beaches combine with dense jungle, the rugged cliffs of steep mountains with rolling hills and beautiful colonial cities with vast plains. To describe Colombia – it is untouched Amazon, Caribbean flair, Latin rhythms and pre-Columbian cultural artifacts. Colombia is a country full of spectacular landscapes, cultural highlights, happiness and pure nature, which more and more travelers from all over the world discover for themselves. The country with 48 million inhabitants in the northern part of South America borders with Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador and has a coastline of over 3,000 kilometers which touches the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. To the west, the country’s landscape is dominated by the Andes with the mountain ranges of the Cordillera. The plains of Eastern Colombia are crossed by forested wetlands and the vastness of the tropical rainforest. The region, criss-crossed by natural waterways is a paradise for plants. 55,000 different species are native here. After Brazil, Colombia is the most populated country in South America. As early as 4000 BC Indian civilizations on the present territory of Colombia traded goldsmith's art. In 1502, Christopher Columbus reached the mainland of Colombia, but left its development to his successors. Jiménez de Quesada founded Bogotá in 1538. In the first half of the 20th century, Colombia experienced a strong economic recovery through the production and export of coffee, the main export of the Colombian industry alongside bananas, cut flowers, emeralds and bamboo.
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