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Region Llanos Orientales - In General

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    Crossing from Bogotá the eastern Andes one reaches the plain of the Llanos Orientales. The Llanos Orientales, also known as the Orinoco area, are huge grasslands and tropical savannas, which extend far into Venezuela and are characterized by a unique bird life and huge fincas (cattle farms). Located further south is the Macarena National Park, which is home to a unique mixture of the flora and fauna of the Andes and the Llanos. There are still pristine forests, crystal clear rivers and nature to explore! There also can be found ‘Caño Cristales’, known as the most beautiful river in the world, or ‘river of five colors’. Between June and November its water algaes bloom and let the river shine in spectacular reddish colors. The Colombian Lllanos are bound in the east by the river ‘Río Orinoco’, whose forests are home to many endangered species. This very remote region is completely untouched and you can still find some traditional living indigenous communities there. The Colombian inlets of the Orinoco River spring in the Andes. The most important, strongest and longest among them is the river ‘Río Guaviare’. An expedition through the National Park Tuparro with highlights such as the ‘Raudal de Maypures’ and a visit to the ‘Cerros de Mavicure’ are an absolute must for adventurers and nature lovers. Probably the best animal life in Colombia can be experienced during a stay at an ecolodge in a huge nature reserve near Yopal. With some luck you can even admire here one of the legendary constrictors - an anaconda - one of the largest snakes in the world.

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